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Frozen Tiramisu Torte

Submitted by JamJar aka Chutney Queen 11 June 2009

Turn out onto large serving plate and cut into slices to serve.



2 teaspoons instant coffee powder,4 tablespoons brandy,packet sponge fingers (you may not need them all),2 eggs separated,3 oz. castor sugar,250g. tub mascarpone,4 tablespoons marsala or madeira (or more brandy),about 1 oz. grated plain chocolate


Line a 2lb. loaf tin with double layer of clingilm, leaving plenty of overhang to cover top later.
Dissolve coffee in 4 tablespoons boiling water & add brandy.
Line bottom of loaf tin with sponge fingers, trimming ends to fit if need be, and drizzle with 1/2 of the coffee mix.
Sprinkle with grated chocolate.
Whisk egg whites until thick and gradually whisk in sugar until in stiff peaks.
Beat together mascarpone, egg yolks & marsala, then fold in meringue mixture. Spoon this over the sponge fingers and level top.
Cover with more sponge fingers and drizzle with rest of coffee mix. Cover with clingfilm and freeze.

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