Meringues, pies, tarts, fruity concoctions ... it's all here, offering a huge range of wonderful finales to any meal!

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lemon tart

Published 29 May 2010
by tilly

incredibly easy


(Hannah's) Blueberry and Lemon Cheesecake

Published 11 Jun 2009
by Steven

This is the first recipe that Hannah cooked in the 2007 series of Masterchef and Gregg said it was his favourite dish of the series. I made it for my mum for Mothering Sunday this year and she loved it.


A texan pavlova for cake eater


learn something new every day regarding food, i thought pavlova was russian or french well in a way it is russian in 1935 the chef of hotel esplanade in perth australia herbert sachse created this to celebrate the visit of the great russian balleri


After Eight Lime and Mint Posset

Published 26 Oct 2013
by  janjam



After Eight Mousse


I can't remember who gave me this recipe, but it is so yummy.....just forget about the calories. Apparently it can also be made with Rolos, but I haven't tried it ..yet!


Almond and lemon cake (gluten free)

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Lesley

this is lovely a squidgy


Almond and Mango Pudding

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Molly

This is an adaptation from a Waitrose recipe and can be served hot or cold. You can vary the fruits, using fairly solid ones such as peaches or plums.


Almonds Tortoni

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Gloria

I made this dessert recently to Festa Italiana, a party that we have at the Blog where you bring some italian dish, I made this Torte and with love I add to my Delia's recipes.


American Apple Pie from Supercook book

Published 22 Oct 2010
by Litherland

American Apple Pie from Supercook books in the 1970s


Annie's JC Cheesecake

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Top Conker

Annie and I celebrated her Birthday in a very posh, (and expensive), restaurant in Plymouth where we had this dessert. The waiter would'nt give me the recipe so I went away and came up with this, having tried it several times, think the chocolate top

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