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Estefania's Spanish Chocolate biscuit cake

Submitted by NicolaD 04 September 2011

This is a  no bake chocolate biscuit cake that our au pair said is a firm favourite in her family for birthdays and special occasions.It is very different to the tiffin style chocolate biscuit cake and is now one of our family favourites. NB rectangle shaped biscuits are easiest to arrange. I like the finger rich teas.



200gms >70% cocoa solids chocolate
150gms unsalted butter
6 large free range eggs
450gms plain biscuit eg rich tea,marietta,morning coffee 
750mls full fat milk
125gms caster sugar
1 measure of dark rum
Hundreds & thousands
Deep rectangular dish/tin lined with buttered tinfoil  10x 14inch approx 


First melt the dark chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water.Then combine the butter with the chocolate until both are melted and smooth.Leave this chocolate mix to cool while you separate the eggs,whisking the whites to soft peaks,gradually add the sugar while continuing to whisk and then add the yolks and the chocolate mixture and beat thoroughly.Leave this mixture to thicken in the fridge 1-2 hours. The place the milk in a pan with the rum and heat until almost boiling and then remove from the heat . Now take each biscuit and dip into the milk and slowly line the buttered dish with 2 layers of soggy biscuit.Then smooth on a layer of the thickened chocolate mixture and further layers of alternate biscuit and chocloate until the dish is full finishing with a layer of chocolate mixture.Sprinkle on hundreds & thousands and leave in fridge overnight to set.


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