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Easy Tiramisu

Submitted by Elke Garnk?ñufer 01 August 2009

The eggs need to be really fresh as they stay raw. It is not suited for children as there is strong coffee and alcohol in it.



50 ml strong espresso, 8 egg yolks, 200 g powdered sugar, 4 cl Amaretto(almond liquor), 1 kg Mascarpone, 225 g sponge fingers, baking cocoa(unsweetened)


Beat egg yolks with powdered suger until light yellow of colour. Add mascarpone and Amaretto. Spread sponge fingers in form, soaken with espresso. Top evenly with Mascarpone mixture. Put sponge fingers on that, soak with espresso, Mascarpone on top. Layer until everything is used up. It should have at least two layers. Top layer is mascarpone mixture. Just before serving sprinkle thinly with baking cocoa.

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