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Easy Mini Steamed Puddings

Submitted by Pantha 11 June 2009

I got some pots by buying the steamed puds from Tesco! Spotty pud: Add pinch mixed spice and 2 oz raisins Choc: Replace half ounce flour with half ounce cocoa powder. Add choc drops of liked. For a nice surprise mix 3 oz soft dark brown sugar and half ounce sieved cocoa with quarter pint warm water and pour over puds before cooking. Careful when tipping out. TreacleJamLemon Curd: Add 1 or 2 tbs to bottom of pots before mixture. Serve with warmed golden syrup for the syrup one. Ginger: Add half tsp ground ginger with the flour. They freeze well in their pots. Reheat from frozen, in pots in micro about 1 min for 1, 1 and a half for two etc. Check with cocktail stick. You could make 4 different ones at once by adding jam to one, sultanas, choc chips or whatever to others.



2 oz marg,2 oz caster sugar,3 oz SR flour,Pinch Salt,1 egg,A little milk to soften the mix


Use creaming method.
Half fill (as they swell considerably) 4 x 5oz well greased pots. Cook for about 2-3 mins at 650w. Test with wooden cocktail stick after 2 mins
Ease out with a knife into pudding bowls.

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