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Custard Jam Tart

Submitted by Julie Sutton 11 June 2009

Serve hot or cold



8oz plain flour,pinch of salt,4oz margarine,2-3 tablespoons water,,For the filling,2 tablespoons of jam,1 pint milk,2oz Caster sugar,4 egg yolks,few drops vanilla essense,1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg


Sift flour and salt into a bowl
Cut margarine into small pieces and rub in
Add water and mix to form a dough
Knead on floured board and line an 8inch flan ring
Prick base with fork and bake blind in oven at 200 c for 10 minutes
Spread jam over pastry base
Heat milk on low heat until lukewarm then beat in sugar, egg yolks and vanilla
Pour over jam, sprinkle with nutmeg
Bake at 160c for one hour until firm

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