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Connor's no-bake Cheesecake

Submitted by Connor.1 04 March 2013

This cheesecake was an experiment of some sort for my mums birthday. it was really tasty but the texture was all wrong. i used to much gelatine for it and it turned out like jelly.



  • FOR BASE; Pepprikor biscuits from IKEA, Chocolate sprinkles, butter, icing sugar.
  • FOR MIXTURE; philadelphia cream cheese, caster sugar, 1 packet of gelatin, 2+ tablespoons of water, 200 ml of whipping cream (or double cream), 2+ teaspoon of lemon extract depending on how "lemony" you want it.


1. Grease tin

2. Crush biscuits until their crumbs

3. melt butter

4. Gently fold in the biscuits and icing sugar

5. when butter has been absorbed, add in chocolate sprinkles. Stir untill melted.

6. pour into the prepared tin and place in frdge

7. mix cream cheese until smooth

8. add caster sugar and gelatine

9. gently stir in the whipping cream (or double cream)

10. when mixed together pour into the prepared tin and place in fridge for 2+hours

(i make it the day before and leave it in the fridge overnight to make sure it's set)

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