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Cliff's Malibu and Pineapple Cheese Cake.

Submitted by Cliff. 01 March 2010

This is a very adult orientated cheese cake, although all three of my grandchildren like it. The tub of Mascapone is the standard 250g one that one sees in all the supermarkets and delies.



For the base; 6 oz Digestive Biscuits, 2 oz Dessicated coconut, 4 oz Butter, For the cream mixture; 1 Tub of Mascapone, 2 to 3 Tablespoons of Malibu, 1/4 Pint Live natural yoghurt, 1 Pineapple Jelly, 1/4 Pint Whipping Cream.


Butter and line a nine inch springform cake tin. For the base. In a bowl, put the digestive biscuits and crush them into a fine crumb. Add the dessicated coconut. Melt the butter in a sausepan and add to the biscuit mix. Mix well and put into the prepared cake tin and press down well to form a solid base. Chill in the fridge. For the cream mixture. Break up the jelly into pieces and put into a small pan with 1/4 pint water, bring to the boil and simmer until the jelly has dissolved. Set aside to cool somewhat. Put the tub of Mascapone into a large bowl and add the Malibu, mix with a fork until smooth. Add the yoghurt and mix again. Pour the jelly into the mixture....It will appear very runny at this stage...That's how it should be; Don't panic. Using either a balloon whisk or an electric mixer, beat the whipping cream until it is just starting to go stiff. Fold the beaten cream into the mixture and then pour the mixture onto the chilled base in the cake tin.....Chill for a couple of hours or so until it is set; I usually leave mine over night. Undo the sprung sides of the tin and remove the base with the cheese cake on it and peel off the greaseproof paper on the sides of the cheese cake. I usually serve the cheese cake from the base of the tin as it is difficult to take the whole cheese cake off the base in one piece.

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