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Christmas Pudding without suet

Submitted by Anastasia 11 June 2009

When I make puddings for my sister & her family I use maple syrup instead of treacle as the do not like treacle. It really does give the pudding a nice taste.



14 ozs mixed fruit(I use a mix of raisins cranberries peel cherries blueberries & apricots),Zest & juice of a small orange ,¼ pt of Brandy or any spirit you like Guinness if you prefer.,1Large Tbl spoon Black treacle.,1 Cooking apple.,1 oz Breadcrumbs ,1oz flour ,2 Tsp Mixed spice,1 Egg ,2 ozs very hard unsalted butter,


Put the fruit, zest , juice , brandy, & treacle in a bowl , & leave for 24 hours, stirring from time to time.
Next day all all the other ingredients, then finally grate the butter in.
Put in bowls , & stem for 6 hours.
You can also put in a baking tin , add boiling water , cover tightly , pop in the oven on 150 for 6 hours.
My oven is fan assisted.

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