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Chocolate - Up & Over Pud

Submitted by Yummy 29 December 2010

Gorgeous rich chocolate sponge with a thick fudgey-nutty  sauce.

Rather rich,  so serves 6 with a thick cream or ice cream accompaniment




75g/3oz Sr Flour,  1 rounded TBSP Cocoa, 125g/4oz butter (softened),125/4oz granulated sugar, 2 eggs


1 Rounded TBSP Cocoa ,50g/ 2oz chopped nuts (of your choice),125g/4oz Demerara Sugar

300ml  / 1/2 pint of strong black coffee (4 good tsp of instant)


Butter a 1.2 - 2pint capacitiy oven proof dish

Sieve flour, cocoa powder, into a bowl with the other pudding ingredients,  This Pud  is mixed by the "all-in-one" method

Mix and beat well for 2 mins until you  have a smooth mix.


Tip this mix into the greased bowl and level the top.  

Now for the topping and sauce:

Mix cocoa, nuts and 50g/2 oz sugar together and sprinkle on top of the Pud.  You can leave this now at this stage until you are ready to cook the pudding.

Next Stage :   make up the coffee with the remainding 50g/2oz sugar, and pour over the pudding.


Bake in a moderate oven gas 4, 350f, 180C for around 40/45 mins....up to an hour depending on your oven.

During the cooking the sponge will  rise up and over the fudge sauce to create a wondeful fudge sauce under the pudding.

Allow to cool slightly and then place a large plate on to top of the pudding and invert (to catch all that lovely sauce) and serve with thick cream or lovely Vanilla Ice Cream.........Bon Appetit

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