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Chocolate figures for decorating desserts

Submitted by Francisca 11 June 2009

Keep the figures in a tin or a plastic bag preferably in the fridge, they melt quickly in warmer weather. An easy way to decorate your desserts and surprise your guests!



Dark Dessert Chocolate


Start by covering a big oven dish or plate with plastic foil. The bit you are going to use to make your figures on shouldn't touch the dish at all or else you won't be ablde to get them out after they have cooled off. Then just melt the chocolate as you always do, in a pan over another pan with hot water. Let it cool a bit and then pour it either in a silicone paper cone or a little freezer plastic bag (I put the bag over a large mug so that I don't have to hold it with my hands). Cut a tiy bit of the corner and when the chocolate is not too liquid anymore make figures with it, anything you like really or just turn it around and around.

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