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Chocolate Cointreau Fudge Cake

Submitted by Jane Staton 11 June 2009



1 large can condensed milk,200gr Bournville chocolate,200gr Cadbury Dairy milk or chocolate orange + 1oz butter,10oz digestive biscuits,3oz butter,2oz raisins,2oz ground almonds,Cointreau,tin 7X11,


A few days before you make the cake put the raisins into a bowl and cover with Cointreau. Keep stirring and if necessary add a little more so the raisins become really plump. When you eat the cake you will get a hit of Cointreau!
Line the tin with aluminium foil.
Process the biscuits till finely ground.
Melt the condensed milk, dark chocolate and 3oz butter in a saucepan over a low heat.
Add the ground almonds, biscuits and raisins with the syrup produced from the Cointreau. Stir well.
Press into tin and leave to set in the fridge.
Over a pan of hot water melt the milk chocolate and 1oz butter in a bowl. Stir and spread over the cake.
Cut into small triangles. They are very rich.

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