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Chilled Raspberry Cheesecake. Serves 8 - 10

Submitted by Honey 11 June 2009

Decorate with the redcurrant jelly and raspberries.



1 packet lemon-flavoured jelly...,175g./6 oz. digestive biscuits crushed...,25g./1 oz. demerara sugar...,75g./3 oz. butter melted...,150 ml./ 1/4 pint double cream...,350 g./12 oz. rich cream cheese...,juice of 2 lemons...,100 g./4 oz. caster sugar...,,Topping:,,225 g./8 oz. raspberries frozen or fresh...,4 tablespoons redcurrant jelly


Dissolve the jelly in 150 ml./ 1/4 pint boiling water. Make up to 300 ml./ 1/2 pint with cold water, and leave until cold, thick and nearly set.

Mix the biscuits, brown sugar and melted butter together and use to line the bottom of a 20-23 cm./ 8-9 inch spring mould cake tin. Chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Beat the cream until thick. Mash the cream cheese, then gradually beat in the thickened jelly, lemon juice, cream and sugar. Turn into the prepared mould and put in the refrigerator to chill.

Thirty minutes before serving, arrange the raspberries around the edge of the cheesecake (a couple of rows). Melt the redcurrant jelly over a low heat and spoon over the cheesecake. If necessary, thin the jelly with a little water (I've never had to do this).

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