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Cheats cheapest ever 'Cornish' ice cream!

Submitted by Alex Welch 23 July 2012

I have been making my own ice-cream for longer than I care to remember.  Today I have come up with a really good recipe!  It really is the cheapest recipe for a family tub of ice-cream that I can come up with.



1 can ready made custard (cost 16p from a big supermarket)

1 medium egg + 1 tablespoon caster sugar

Double cream - half fill the empty custard tin.  For a lightly healthier option, use Elmlea double cream. Tastes as good but with less fat.

Half Tsp vanilla extract (optional)


I tell you, this is the easiest ice-cream you will ever make. 

Whisk the egg until it's light and frothy, then whisk in the sugar for a couple more minutes.

Mix the custard and cream, add the frothy egg/sugar and then churn in your ice-cream machine (if you have one) Otherwise it's the freeze, beat, freeze, beat thing.


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