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Blueberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake - Photo in Gallery

Submitted by Dolores 11 June 2009

This is a yummy cheesecake!



100g butter,225g biscuits digestives chocolate chips hobnobs (crushed),,300g white chocolate broken,1 vanilla pod (optional),200g mascarpone,25g caster sugar,500ml double cream ,,350g blueberries,100g icing sugar,


Melt butter, add crushed biscuits (I blitz mine in food processor) and press onto base of a 23cm springform tin.

Chill in fridge.

Place chocolate in microwave on medium power for approx. 2-3 mins.

Whip cream to very soft peaks, then gently fold into chocolate mix.

Spoon over cheesecake base and smooth top.

Chill overnight in fridge.

Place blueberries, icing sugar and 4 tbsp water in a pan and warm gently until sugar has dissolved and berries are starting to burst and soften, but still keeping their shape.

Spoon berries from the pan into a bowl. If the syrup is too thin, simmer for a few mins.

Pour syrup over the blueberries and leave to cool and thicken slightly. (This can be done a day ahead).

To add extra vanilla flavour, split and scrape the seeds from vanilla pod and add to white chocolate and melt together in microwave.

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