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Blueberry Tiramisu

Submitted by Mustard Comms 28 July 2011

A real taste of summer



Tiramisu cream:

4 egg yolks

30g icing sugar

250g mascarpone

Juice of 1 lemon

3 egg whites

50g caster sugar

2 leaves gelatine

1 packet trifle sponges

Marsala (optional)

Blueberry compote:

350g frozen blueberries

1 punnet fresh blueberries

60ml Organic Belvoir Blueberry Cordial


1. For the blueberry compote: Place the frozen blueberries and Blueberry Cordial in a pan and bring to the boil. Cook for 2 mins. Leave to cool, then blitz 1/2 the fruit and juice from the pan in a food processor. Press through a sieve to remove any seeds.

2. Reserving some fresh blueberries for decoration, place the remaining washed fruit into a bowl with the

blueberry sauce. Strain the rest of the fruit from the pan and add this to your blueberry compote. Keep the syrup that is left for the tiramisu.

3. To make the Tiramisu: Using an electric whisk, whisk the egg yolks and icing sugar until light in colour.

Whisk in the mascarpone and the remaining syrup add the juice of a lemon. Soak the leaf gelatine in cold water. Once softened squeeze the gelatine out and heat gently with a little water until melted (do not allow to boil). Add to the mascarpone mix. Next whisk up the egg whites add caster sugar and continue whisking until soft peaks are formed. Gently fold into the mascarpone mix.

4. Now for the fun bit. Taking a sundae dish, place a spoonful of fruit compote in the bottom, slice your trifle sponges in half and arrange on top of the compote, brush with Marsala (optional) then add another layer of compote then a layer of tiramisu. Again arrange sliced trifle sponges on top of this brush with marsala, add some more compote and finish with a layer of tiramisu. Repeat with the other dishes.

5. To decorate toss the remaining fresh blueberries in a teaspoon of egg white and then roll in some caster sugar. Leave to dry in the kitchen. Decorate the top of the tiramisu with these and a sprig of mint just before serving.


Notes: The Tiramisu recipe uses raw eggs. The dessert is safe if the eggs are as fresh as possible and in date, preferably try to use local organic, free-range eggs.



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