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Belgian Fudge Cake

Submitted by Angel 11 June 2009

Enjoy a slice with a cup of tea or serve with some with clotted cream as a dessert!



8oz Plain Chocolate (Bournville),8oz Butter or Marg,2 Eggs,2 Level dessertspoon Caster Sugar,8oz Digestive Biscuits (broken into small pieces),2oz Chopped Walnuts,Glace Cherries (to taste small tub),Dessertspoon of Brandy or rum,


1.\tButter 6 – 7” cake tin with a detachable base
2.\tMelt chocolate in a basin over boiling water or in microwave
3.\tMelt marg in a pan
4.\tBeat the eggs and add the caster sugar
5.\tInto the eggs, pour the marg in a steady stream stirring continuously
6.\tAdd melted chocolate and beat in.
7.\tFold in digestive biscuits
8.\tAdd the chopped walnuts (not too fine)
9.\tAdd the cherries
10.\tAdd the brandy or rum
11.\tTransfer mixture into cake tin
12.\tPlace in fridge for a couple of hours

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