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Banana and Chocolate in Filo pastry with Orange Coulis

Submitted by Francisca 11 June 2009

Let the rolls cool a bit and serve with the orange coulis and a bit of whipped cream. You can decorate the dish with some peppermint leaves!



2 Bananas,8 chocolate squares (pure),4 tbsp raisins soaked in rum,4 sheets of filo pastry,1 orange,1 tbsp crème fraîche,Coconut,Honey,Sugar,Butter,


Cut each banana in two vertically and then again in two pieces horizontally. You are left with half a banana per person. Spread one sheet of filo pastry on the working surface, brush lightly with butter, fold it in two and put one piece of banana on the shorter side. On the top of the banana put two pieces of chocolate and one spoonful of raisins (no problem if the rainsins fall to the side!). Put the other piece of banana on the top. Fold the sides of the pastry to the middle and then roll the banana in the pastry till there is no pastry left, much like a spring roll. Paint the top with liquid honey (or warm it up if it is not liquid enough) and roll it in the coconut. Warm the oven to 170ºC and bake the rolls for 20 t0 25 min. If the coconut gets a bit dark cover it with a bit of foil. While they are in the oven make the sauce by pealing an orange so that there is no white bits left over. Put it in the blender together with the crème fraîche. If you prefer a smooth coulis sieve it.

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