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Apple, & Rosehip Jelly

Submitted by Anastasia 11 June 2009

This is delicious on toast, it has a super taste .Well worth making.



2 pounds of rosehips,4 lbs apples.,1 Lemon,Sugar ,Water.


I cook the rosehips on their own as they take longer than the apples, barely cover with water. they take 30 to 40 mins to cook.I never cook them in aluminium , always in a non stick , or enamel pan ,as I was brought up to believe that aluminium destroys the vitamin C content.Drain the contents into a jelly bag & allow to drip.
Wash the apples , no need to peel , just cut them up , add a cut up lemon at this stage, cover with water & boil until they are a pulp.Pour the apple in on top of the rosehips , & allow to drip , do not squeeze the bag , as it will cloud the jelly.
Leave overnight to drip.
Next day measure the juice, & for each pint of juice , use 1 Lb of sugar.
Bring to the boil slowly allowing the sugar to dissolve, then usually a rolling boil for 10 mins will give a good set.
Put in jars & cover.

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