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Apple Crump

Submitted by Yummy 11 June 2009

Serve with Custard, Cream or Ice Cream. I imagine it would also be nice with Rhubarb or Apple and Blackberries, or indeed any fruit of your choice.



150g butter at room temperature,150g Granulated Sugar,6 heaped TBSP plain flour,6oog Bramley Apples (or other cooking Apples)


1 For Crump Topping, place the Flour into an ovenproof bowl and add the sugar and chopped butter on top.
2. Transfer the bowl to the Oven for 10 - 15mins until the butter has melted. Remove
3. For the filling, peel,core and roughly slice apples and place in another buttered ovenproof dish and place in the oven along with crump topping for 5mins.
4. Remove the crump mixture from oven and stir the ingredients together, then spread roughly on the top of cooked apples. I did it in spoonfuls then teased them out so it looked lumpy.
5. Place in oven at 170d C for around 40 minutes.

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