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chilli orange bread

Submitted by ajblamey 24 March 2010

I use a Panasonic SD-252 for my baking needs, and as a result, haven't bought a supermarket loaf for 4 years. The recipe book supplied with it includes an easy 'hot cross bun' instruction that will stop you reaching for the commercial pap ever again, and



Basic White Loaf: 1 1/4 tsp Breadmaker's acive dried yeast 600g (1lb 5oz) Strong White flour 1 1/2 tbsp sugar 25g (1oz) butter or oil 400ml water The extras: 1 handful of Kashmiri dried chillies 1 dried satsuma rind (chopped) (If you wash your satsumas before you peel them, the peelings will dry out in the average kitchen, and are guaranteed not to contain the chemicals of commercial 'mixed peel'. They rehydrate in the kneading process, and temper the heat from the chillies in a most remarkable way - try it.)


Bake on your basic programme in your bread oven, or mess up your clothes and your kitchen, take a gamble on providing the yeast the ideal conditions to rise, then ruin the loaf with the fan in your main oven.

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