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Classical Walnut Torte

Submitted by Mirjana 11 June 2009



For the layer : ,10 eggs,,10 tbsp. sugar,,10 tbsp. ground walnuts,,1 tbs. bread crumbs and 1 tbs. flour.,For the filling:,15 dl. hot milk,,250 gr. ground walnuts,,250 gr. butter,,250 gr. icing sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla extract.,


Preheat oven the 180°/350F/gas 4 and grease two 23 cm. round cake tins and line with greaseproof paper. In a bowl beat egg yolks and sugar until pale then add mixed walnuts, bread crumbs and flour and finally stiffly beaten egg whites. Than pour into the tins equally and bake in preheated oven 25-30 minutes, or until the cake spring back when pressed and a skewer comes out clean. Leave in the tin until cool. Then sandwich cake and fill.
For filling pour hot milk in pot with ground walnuts and mix well ( some people cook it I don’t think it is necessary)and leave them to cool little. Than mix butter and icing sugar to be creamy and add almost cool walnuts with milk, add vanilla and mix just to combine well. Spread between layer a part of filling and the rest on the top and around. Sprinkle with ground walnuts. Better make the cake in advance just to be moist.

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