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Bread, Granary style

Submitted by Biggles ! 11 June 2009

As you will. I vary the flour according to what I have, just need to 1 and a half pounds. Using wholemeal flour usually means a drop more water.



1 lb Tasty Cob / Granary flour,8 oz Very Strong (or strong) white flour,1 oz Ghee (now available in Tesco’s KTC brand) or butter,1 sachet Dried Yeast - I use Tesco’s own which is 6 g,salt about the diameter not thickness of a 50 pence piece on flat palm of hand,16 fl oz tepid water. Might vary from 14 - 18 fl oz,,,Also: large mixing bowl (I use an old fashioned mixing bowl that I use for Christmas cakes light brown on the outside and white on the inside) for proving lightly oiled with vegetable oil cling film to cover. 2 x 1 lb loaf tins or 1 x 2 lb loaf tin lightly oiled with vegetable oil or if making rolls baking tray and parchment paper.,


Measure flour into KC bowl, add Ghee – I keep in fridge so it is solid, add sachet of dried yeast, add salt. Place bowl onto mixer, lower dough hook into bowl and start to mix, low speed, about 1 and a bit. Slowly add about 12 – 14 fl oz tepid water, although I sometimes add quite quickly. Mix for about 5 minutes. Heat is generated and the ghee melts. I used to chop it finely in flour, but it is not necessary, although if using butter it will need to be finely cut.
You are looking for all the ingredients to be nicely incorporated and then maybe add some more water. The texture will change and look much smoother. Sometimes if I have added too much water I have most of the dough around the dough hook and some dough in the bottom of the bowl. I don’t worry about this. I empty the dough onto a floured surface and knead by hand to a round shape. Place in oiled bowl and leave to rise, usually a couple of hours but have left as long as 8 hours. Lightly flour the top (to stop it sticking to hands) and empty back on to floured surface. Knock it back, give it a couple of kneads and shape into loaf shape and place in tin. I usually slash 3 lines in the top across the short width. Or, cut in half if using 2 loaf tins or divide into rolls. Allow to prove for 45 – 50 minutes. Place in hot oven at 220C.
Cooking times: 1 x 2 lb = approx 29 minutes. 2 x 1 lb, approx 21 minutes. 8 rolls about 16 mins. 12 rolls about 12 mins.
Bread is cooked when tapping the base gives a hollow sound.
Remove from tin(s) and cool on wire rack.
Variation: Add sunflower seeds, couple of handfuls at initial mixing stage, or other seeds.

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