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Bran fruit loaf

Submitted by Joan Watson 11 June 2009



4 oz (100g) All Bran or Bran Buds cereal,5oz (150g) caster sugar,10oz (275g) mixed dried fruit,1/2 pint milk (300ml),4oz (100g) self raising flour


Put All Bran or Bran Buds, sugar and dried fruit into a basin and mix together well. Stir in milk and leave to stand for half an hour or so. Seive in the flour and mix well. Pour into a 2 lb loaf tin lined with non-stick baking parchment. Bake in a moderat oven 180 C (350 F) gas mark 4 for about an hour. Turn out and remove paper before fully cool as it does tend to stick as there is no fat content. Cut into slices and spread with butter for those who are not butter restricted. Variations - by adding dates and walnuts or cherries or cinnamon or icing. The cake is very moist but not heavy.

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