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Submitted by Sandra Oz 11 June 2009

This basic recipe can be so versatile. Made with just white flour, foccacia breads or little Pub Loaves can be made on the dough setting. A wholemeal loaf can be made by using 12 & 12 white and wmeal flours or a grained loaf by adding 3 T of multi grain mix which is usually sold at health food stores. NB t is for teaspoon and T is for Tablespoon



1 1/2 cups water,2 t sugar,2 T olive oil,1 level t salt,1 egg,4 cups (600g) of bread flour or mixture of Rye Flour W/meal flour etc,3 T dried milk powder,3 T gluten flour,1 T bread Improver,2 t granulated yeast,


Place all the ingredients into the breadmachine. Some manufacturers advise wet ingredients first and others say dry ingredients first, so it's best to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.
Set on either bake or dough if making bread rolls or foccacia bread. If making on dough dont forget to allow the dough to rise again by covering loosly with a big plastic bag and resting for say 30 minutes in a warm place before putting into a pre heated oven on 220 deg. to bake.

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