Side orders, vegetables, rice, sauces... accompaniments are an important part of any meal. Browse this section to find the right one for your meal!

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Banana Smoothie


This banana smoothie is so easy to make. It takes five minutes Serves one.


Barbecue Sauce

Published 11 Jun 2009
by Liz from Cumbria

This is good with ribs, steaks, chops & chicken




Dead simple! Make a day ahead if you want an even better flavour Serves 8-10 generously


Basic Balti Sauce

Published 11 Jun 2009
by Yummy

This is used in the preparation of Balti Dishes. This will be sufficient to cook 2 Balti Meals for 4-6 people *from the Basic Balti Cookery Workshop*


Basmati Rice with Mushrooms and Prawns

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  sam from worthing

serves 4


BBQ - Glaze

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  sam from worthing

This is NOT a marinade, but a very quick glaze to coat your meat with just prior and during cooking.


BBQ Marinade

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Lynda Down Under

Can be used on most types of meat.


BBQ sauce

Published 25 Jul 2010
by  janjam

Lovely accompaniment when having a bbq


BBQ Sauce

Published 25 Aug 2013
by  janjam

Nice and easy BBQ sauce


BBQ Tropical Fruit Kebabs

Published 21 Jul 2011
by stean

These are great on thier own, as a dessert or as a side to meat such as lamb, prok or chicken. They are so easy to make and are great fun for the kids to get involved in.

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