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Modelling Chocolate Paste

Submitted by Rita 11 June 2009

I have used equal quantities of white sugar paste to white modelling chocolate paste to roll out and cover cakes. This gives a lovely ivory coloured paste which moulds round the cake beautifully. The paste tastes very chocolaty as well



800gms Chocolate. ,400gms glucose. ,,,


Melt the chocolate completely
Warm the glucose. Do not overheat it as it can ruin the paste.
Add the warm glucose to the chocolate and stir. The mix should thicken almost immediately. When it is impossible to continue stirring, take the mix out of the bowl and knead on the worktop. Cocoa butter should ooze out of the paste so have paper towels ready as a lot of butter comes out. When the paste is smooth enough, wrap in freezer bag and leave at room temperature overnight.

When required, take a bit of the modelling paste and knead till it becomes pliable.

The paste can be stored in a fridge indefinitely but when required, take some out of the fridge and bring to room temperature.

Dark chocolate (53%) can be used as well as milk and white chocolate.

This is the ideal paste for making chocolate flowers and leaves.

If you want to colour white chocolate use dusting powders or oil based edible paste colours.

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