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Fresh butter

Submitted by Anastasia 28 July 2013

This is so easy to make



Double cream ( can be sour) Salt.


Put the cream in your mixer making sure that you out a cover if cling film on the top , as when the cream separates it will go everywhere . The process if turning the cream to butter takes around 10 to 15 mins. Take the butter from the bowl & put into a bowl if cold water . Use either butter pats or a wooden spatula To break the butter into pieces , this helps to remove the milk . Keep changing the water & continue to wash the butter until the water runs clear . The next stage is hit & miss, add the salt a little at a time until you reach a taste that you like .once you have settled on an amount of salt , wash the butter once more. Remove the butter from the water in to a sterilised board or a marble top , now make sure that you remove as much water as possible from the butter , this is done by just bashing the butter , not too hard , but you will see the water come out of the butter. Next stage is to shale into any size that suits you..I do mine in roughly 1/4 pound sizes. This will freeze well , & keep for around 6 months in a freezer. I tend to do half salted for the table & half unsalted for cakes.

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