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Fennel & Radish Slaw

Submitted by Kenn 11 June 2009

This is best eaten within 24 hours as it tends to soften up and loose it’s crunchiness fairly quickly. This is great served with grilled mackerel, any fish or meat. Or add an ounce of grated cheddar to the slaw and serve inside a nice hot crispy jacket potato. It also makes for a nice sandwich filling.



1 bulb fennel,2 medium carrots,1 red onion,1 green pepper,1 bunch radishes,2 - 3 tbsp plain yoghurt,1 tsp wholegrain mustard,1 clove of garlic (optional),Low salt and ground white pepper,


Turn on your favourite radio station. Wash and dry all your vegetables. Get out a grater, a chopping board, a very sharp knife, a large bowl and a damp tea-towel or a food processor. Then sit yourself down at a table. Put the tea-towel under the chopping board, this helps to stop the board from moving. Sit yourself down, you’re ready to start.

Now finely slice the fennel, pepper, onion and radishes and put them in the bowl. If you have a food processor, just finely shred the lot in that. Roughly grate the carrots and add those. Add the mustard and very finely chopped garlic and just enough yoghurt to wet the mixture without making it sloppy, unless of course you like it like that. Season with salt and pepper and it’s ready to serve or can be chilled for a few hours.

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