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Dauphinois veg bake

Submitted by stephen 11 June 2009

this will easoly serve 6 people



3 carrots sliced into 1/4 inch discs,1 small celariac peeled and sliced as above,4 jerusalem artichokes as above,2 large potatoes as above,2 onions chopped,2 garlic cloves finely chopped,8 anchovies chopped,1 tblspn fresh Thyme finely chopped,150/200gms grated ementhal or gruyer,1 pint double cream,3 eggs,knob of butter,fresh grated blk pepper


Pre heatyour oven to 170
Grease a large baking dish with the butter
Layer some of the carrots potatoes artichokes and celariac in the bottom of the dish sprinkle some of the onion over, then some of the thyme and garlic, and a portion of the chopped anchovies, sprinkle some of the cheese over all of this and repeat, you should have enough for around three or four layers, use all the remaining cheese up on the top layer, then beat the eggs together with the cream and pour over the dish making sure you let it seep through every where
put in the centre of the oven for around an hour but fheck after 45 minutes remove when your knife goes through with little or no resistance
if the top starts to brown too quickly you may need to turn the oven down a fraction

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