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Submitted by Honey 11 June 2009

Cooking time: 1 hour or more… until cooked. Preparation time: 15 mins. Main cooking utensils: Frying pan, baking tin, Skewer. Oven temperature: moderately hot, 400 F (200 C?)– Gas Mark 5-6.



For 6 people you need:,,6 large baking potatoes.,Seasoning.,Knob of butter.,4 oz. grated cheese.,12 rashers streaky or back bacon (I use smoked).,1 oz. butter.,1 onion thinly sliced.,3 large tomatoes.,Mustard.,Dash Worcestershire sauce.,,To garnish: Parsley.,,


1. Cook potatoes in their jackets until soft.
2. Halve carefully, remove potato pulp.
3. Mash with seasoning, knob of butter and nearly all the cheese.
4. Pile or pipe back into potato cases, leaving a large well in the middle.
5. Sprinkle with rest of cheese.
6. Make 6 rashers into 12 small bacon rolls (stretch bacon with knife) put on to skewer.
7. Put bacon rolls and potato cases in oven for about 10 mins. Until crisp.
8. Meanwhile, heat butter in pan, fry sliced onions until nearly tender, add rest of bacon cut in thin strips, fry until cooked.
9. Stir in sliced tomatoes, seasonings, including mustard and Worcestershire sauce.
10. Cook gently until a soft moist mixture.
11. Pile into each potato case.
12. Top with bacon rolls, garnish with parsley.
13. Serve hot, ideal for barbecue supper.

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