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Cucumber Salad

Submitted by David 12 November 2012

An excellent sharp side-dish for red meats, casseroles, fish, pasta, chips etc. By altering the amount of onions & vinegar you can make it more or less sharp. I like it sharp & saltyish. Good with Beef Carbonade & Potatoes and the like.



  • Half a fresh cucumber,
  • One small red, white or salad onion,
  • One tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
  • One tbs White Wine Vinegar,
  • Maldon / Sea-Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper to taste,
  • One tbs Sour Cream.


Start an hour or three before serving.

Wash and slice the cucumber very finely (.75-1mm).

Chop the onion very finely.

Mix the cucumber, onion, oil and vinegar in a medium bowl and cover.

Taste five minutes later and adjust the salt in small increments (0.5-1g). Repeat this five minutes later until happy with it. Then use the same procedure to fine tune the pepper. Keep refrigerated for upto four hours.

Thoroughly mix in cream before serving.

Can also be made with a few spring onions, white pepper, cayenne, single cream, parsley, dill etc depending upon what you are serving it with.

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