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Covering a number cake with marzipan and sugarpaste

Submitted by Rita 11 June 2009

Somebody asked on how to cover a 7 and O number cake and I hope the answer will help anybody attempting this. Avoid making a number cake at all costs as decorating it is daunting and hated by all cake decorators but if you must.............





It is not a problem to have 2 different cakes but I suggest that you use the 7 as the fruit cake and the 0 as madeira since the no. 7 is a bit fiddly to cover and it is better if it is heavier in texture. YOu have to make sure that the height of the 2 cakes is the same.

Cover the cakes in marzipan and sugarpaste. I have answered quite a few threads on how to cover a cake so do a search and you will be able to get some helpful advice.

The problem you have got is that numbers are awkward to cover in one blanket cover. So the covering has to be done in 2 stages, both when marzipanning and sugarpasting.

To marzipan the fruitcake, brush the top only with hot apricot jam. Plug any holes made by loose fruit with a marzipan . Roll out a piece of marzipan big enough to cover the top only. Once rolled, put the marzipan on a piece of parchment paper. Introduce the jammed top of the cake to the rolled out marzipan by putting the top of the cake on top of the marzipan. Trim the top and turn the cake to face the right way. Now apply hot apricot jam to the side of the cake making sure that you also apply jam to the side of the marzipan you have just applied to the cake.

Now you need to roll out a long strip of marzipan to go all the way round the sides of the no. 7. you can do this in 2 stages if you want. Roll out a long sausage of marzipan about 5 wide . Trim the top and bottom to make the strip a long straight oblong. Apply the long strip, a little at a time to the side of the cake. When the 2 ends meet, overlap and then cut through the 2 layers of marzipan, lift up the top layer and remove excess marzipan from the bottom layer. Butt the sides neatly. Trim the top of the marzipan so that it lines up with the top of the cake.
You have to repeat this after a day or two using sugarpaste and boiled cooled water instead of jam for glueing
For the madeira cake, butter cream is enough to glue the marzipan to the cake but cooled boiled water can be used to glue the sugarpaste to the marzipan. You have to use the same technique for covering the no. 0 ie cover the top first and then the sides.

A join can be seen at the edges of the cake but this can be cover by piping scrolls or shells on the edge of the cake.

I know the numbers cake are very fiddly to cover but you can achieve a nice cake if you are patient and love decorating cakes.

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