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Chicken & Broccoli Bake

Submitted by Jean 11 June 2009



4 Chicken Breasts,,Two Large Broccoli Heads ~ cut into tiny florets,,One Large Onion ~ diced very fine & small,,4 Stalks of Celery ~ cut into half inch pieces,,Campbells Condensed Mushroom Soup,,Campbells Condensed Celery Soup,,A Small Packet of diced Pancetta ,,Garlic Puree ~ one or two good quirts,,Medium Curry Powder ~ half teaspoon,,4 slices of white or brown bread made into breadcrumbs,,6 oz grated cheddar cheese,,Salt & Pepper,,


1. Boil enough water to cover the chicken breasts, then pour into a large pot, add a sprinkle of S & P, a little squirt of garlic puree & half a teaspoon of curry powder, add the chicken breasts and simmer gently until cooked through. DONT over cook chicken, you want this nice & moist.
2. In a seperate casserole dish, scatter the florets of cut brocolli & celery.

3. Sweat the onions in some oil along with the pancetta until the onion is opaque (dont brown the onion)

4. When the chicken is cooked, cut into approx 1 or 2 inch pieces and place on the other ingredients in the casserole dish, retaining some of the chicken stock.

5. In an other bowl, mix the two cans of soup together & a little at a time, add a small ladle of the stock, to form a thick soup consistency so all the ingredients are nicely covered. You dont want this to be too runny at all. So ensure approx 1 ~ 2 ladles of this stock is used.

6. When thoroughly mixed, pour over chicken etc in the casserole and place on the middle shelf of a preheated oven @ 180C for approx 20 mins.

7. Scatter the breadcrumbs over this and add the cheese, bake for a further 10 ~ 15 mins or until nicely browned on top.

8. The brocolli & celery should be cooked but still have a little bite to it!

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