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Cheese & Onion crisps with Guiness

Submitted by  11 June 2009

For a real treat, try a second course. Same as the first, but for contrast try salt and vinegar, or 'plain'. Be warned, however, prawn cocktail flavour is a big mistake



2 packets cheese & onion crisps,1 pint Guiness


Order pint of Guiness.
Order packets of cheese & onion crisps.
Pay (don't forget the change).

Carry to table & sit down. Mop up any little spills carefully by placing beer mat on spill. If very damp, try wringing out beer mat into pint for extra flavour.
Open first crisp packet carefully and remove contents one by one placing carefully into mouth (YOUR OWN!). May be crunched up or sucked for a more mellow crisp experience.
Drink Guiness
Open and consume second packet of crisps. For that extra frisson of cheese and onionyness, tenderise the crisps within the crisp packet with both hands while holding open end of crisp packet tightly closed. This produces a packet of 'mini crisps' which may be poured into the mouth.

Cooking time: basically whatever Walkers take to cook the crisps. It ususally takes longer for the lorry to get them to the pub than it does to cook them, so this is a bit academic really.

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