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Submitted by Vicki 11 June 2009

Still in a state of experiment, so anybody else who makes it is very welcome to compare notes! July 07 version has lost its colour and I think it should have been kept in a darker place, still experimenting :-) Use in white wine to make Kir, and in sparkling white to make Kir Royal. I use one third cassistwothirds wine.



Blackcurrants - enough to fill a 2litre cider flagon maybe 4lbs./ Sugar -about 8oz./ One bottle cheap vokda or white rum or gin/ Red wine to top up...................................,I've just looked at Impi's sloe gin and it's almost exactly the same! I've been through the simmered/boiled fancy recipes to get back eventually to this most simple one!


Don't wash the blackcurrants unless you've time to let them dry, but do top and tail them, this is the only bit of work involved so sit down to it! Damage the skins slightly whilst doing this, to let the juice mingle, but mashing or squashing them is too much.
Layer them in the flagon with a couple of tablesp sugar every couple of inches, then fill it up with the vodka.
Top up with red or white wine, it doesn't need to be right to the top, then screw the top on and leave in a darkish place till Christmas. Give it a shake and a turn when you remember. Try after a few weeks, and add more sugar if you like.

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