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Basic Balti Sauce

Submitted by Yummy 11 June 2009

Use to prepare a Balti Curry



Vegetable Oil,2Tbsp Chopped Garlic,2Tbsp Chopped Ginger,1 Recipe of Onion Puree (see recipe in profile),1 Can of Tomatoes liquidised,3Tbsp tomato Puree,1 1/2 Tbsps Salt,1 Tbsp Sugar,Spices :-,2Tbsp Balti Powder (see recipe in profile),1Tbsp Turmeric,


Mix spices with enough onion water to make a paste. Let it stand for at least 5mins
Place 5-6 Tbsps of oil in a Wok, Stir fry the Garlic for 30 seconds
Add Ginger and stir fry for 30 seconds
Add 5-6 more tablespoons of oil and stir fry spice paste for 30 seconds
Add onion puree and cook for anout 10 mins
Add the can of liquidised tomatoes, tomato purr and enough onion water (if required) to achieve a medium thick consistency
add sugar and salt, cook for at least 30 mins. (It wil Chup, Chup so beware of the liquid spitting at you) Add onion water if the sauce becomes too thick
Divide into two portions, Each Portion will make a Balti Meal for 4-6 people
This base sauce can be frozen, but remember the strength of the spices becomes weaker the longer you freeze it for.

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