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Apple sauce (not stewed apples) - lovely with pork steaks

Submitted by Saffy 11 June 2009

I made this up to use some of the many, many apples on my tree. It was voted a success.



One red onion thinly sliced...,a decent knob of butter...,small splash of oil (to stop the butter from burning)...,about a tablespoon of brown sugar...,2 or 3 eating apples peeled and sliced....,good splash of wine.....,a teaspoon of dried sage.....,splash of brandy (optional - if you have it use it)....


Over a low heat gently fry the onion in the butter and oil, add the apples and turn the heat up a little. After a couple of minutes, sprinkle over the sugar and lower the heat moving everything round the pan.

When the apples start to soften a bit, add the wine and brandy (flambe if you dare). heat to evaporate and add another small knob of butter and the sage.

Spoon over pork loin steaks

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