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Welcome to our Coffee Break forum! Here you can chat to other members, not just about cooking, food, ingredients and recipes, but anything that takes your fancy. Share your stories, culinary or otherwise. So. What’s on your mind today?


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Hiding in the corner

I must be one of the last to add to this thread so I had better creep out of the corner and say hello to everyone. I have lived in the USA for 20 years now having emigrated from the beautiful village of Lindfield in West Sussex after meeting my American husband. I have been very happily married for 20 years and we have 2 teenage boys and lots of pets which keep us very busy. We have just rescued dog number 8 ( 5 are dachshunds!) I am proud to say that I am a very British cook and the only American meals I "fix" as they say here in the South, are fried chicken and Taco salad. We very rarely eat fast food, unlike most people here! Thanks to the internet, I am able to buy items such as Marmite and Cadbury's chocolate which I couldn't live without. I make my own Salad Cream which I admit is not like the real thing but with practice I can get pretty close. Indian food likewise. I have been a devotee of Delia for probably 35 years now and thank her along with my mother, for my love of cooking. Long may this site live!

Suzanne Cross

Hiding in the corner

I was interested to read your contribution. We lived in Lindfield in the 70s when my husband was the curate at All Saints church (we also had a dachshund called Rufus). Our middle daughter now lives in the southern States in Georgia. We were back in Lindfield at the beginning of June, staying with friends and visiting the church. Still a really beautiful place. My daughter tells me about cooking a whole turkey in an oil drum full of cooking oil! I haven't tried it but she says it's very good!


Fao Suzanne

It's a small world Suzanne! I went to school with a John Cross - wonder if he is any relation to you?? Lindfield Primary and Scrase Bridge as it was then known. E-mail me if you like - it's in my profile.



It really IS a small world - my first husband came from Lindfield too (this would be about 22 years ago). Lovely place!


Skidding in last

Better late than never I suppose, I have been on holiday for the last few weeks so missed this thread.

I am Saucey and have been a member of this forum for at least 9 years. I am an Australian living in South Africa with a British husband. I am a housewife with no children and love to cook, always happy in the kitchen and regularly refer to this site and my Delia books for inspiration and advice. I too have met many members in person from this forum.

When I moved to South Africa I found that a lot of pre-made things that I could easily put my hands on in Australia where not available (e.g. stocks/gravy etc etc) so had to start making my own, thank goodness Delia was here to hold my hand along with loads of advice from the forums.


Pat C

Hi, I've been a Delia fan since the early '70's. I remember tenants of a property of ours left with my first copy of Frugal Food, I was mortified and wasted no time in replacing said book.

I love to cook and have always trusted any recipe written by Delia. Even taking the plunge and making something entirely new for a special dinner party without benefit of a run through supper! Follow the words and it will turn out well!

At the moment I live in South Africa, on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Nice at this time of the year. We have a small holding, a rather large garden would more properly describe it.

My family is spread around the world, one in Australia, one in Brasil and my husband in Saudi Arabia. My youngest son lives nearby so I'm not alone on the African continent. Plus lots of friends to join me for book club suppers and the like, most often inspired by Delia's recipes.

Delia is just my cooking inspiration, Thanks!!!


Hello from an ardent Delia fan

I have been cooking Delia's recipes for 30 years now and have only ever had one failure! A tomato risotto that my husband said was revolting!

I lived for many years in Belsize Park, NW3 but sold up and moved to Hertfordshire 9 years ago. We grow veggies in the garden and on our allotment.

Absolutely love cooking and I like to tweak recipes to my own tastes, even cakes. I was a Home Economist years ago so am confident about messing around with recipes.

I've never used a chat forum before, so all new to me. Looks interesting with like minded people. So long may it last, I shall now look in regularly.


Hiding in the Corner

I lived in Pittsburgh and New Jersey for nearly 8 years (this was back in the 70's) and used to have my mother ship out Marmite and Oxo cubes as you couldn't get them there at the time. These were the things I really missed. On the cooking front, I couldn't cook to save my life, but I watched Julia Childs on US TV purchased her book and taught myself. I had an English cookery book and perfected Steak and Kidney pie to taste like my mother used to make it. I introduced it to my then American husband and his family - he loved it, but most of his family refused to eat kidneys! I returned to the UK able to turn out some splendid food and then went on to study Home Economics. My children can all cook some better than others and my husband of 23 years is a brilliant cook too.



A warm welcome Lynne. You certainly sound as though you would fit in perfectly with your knowledge of cooking as I'm sure we will all be asking you about how to tweak recipes. Hope you join in the chat.

H x

The Cat's Mother

Introducing myself, I am............

The Cat's Mother, living in South West France with my husband and 2 cats. I am definitely a "lurker" as I have only just caught up with this thread!

I am a keen cook, mainly using Delia's recipes, and like to browse the site to see what other people are cooking.

I have not visited the site very much lately - it is a buy time of year with streams of family and friends visiting us - staying in our guest house in the garden. This means lots of cooking and of course, laundry!! I am not really complaining, as we love to welcome people to this beautiful part of France.

I will try and visit more often, but probably not until the good weather leaves us and we approach autumn!!



What a nice idea, only found this link yesterday and have enjoyed getting to know a little more about the names I have come to know. I am more of a lurker but love to follow the postings with the odd addition from me.
I am Irish, living on the east coast, just south of Dublin. I love Delia and got her first book, the Complete Cookery Collection in my teens. Have all her books and she is my first port of call when cooking and any failures are purely me, Delia is not at fault!
Started my interest in cooking while helping my mother with baking from about age 7 or 8, starting with 'buns' (now known as cupcakes!). I am single, work full time and enjoy cooking for myself and often try out new things at weekends. Love entertaining family and friends too. Nice to meet you all. Love to check in when having a quick tea break at my desk. Makes a welcome break from working with figures, thank you all for that.
Other interests include tennis, cinema, reading, walking and I have just taken up bridge.

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