Prestige Lifetime Saucepan Handles

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Hi Mr Harris,

Are you still producing and supplying replacement handles for prestige saucepans please? I would be very grateful if you could contact me on

Kind regards




can you supply 5 nobs wood for prestige copper bottom pans please thanks bill

Ian Harris

Prestige handles

Yes I can still supply them
My e mail address is on an earlier answer


Pan Handles

I found Ian's details on this forum.

To anyone looking to replace their pan handles I would like to say that...

Ian has provided me with much valuable advice and information to enable him to provide me with the correct replacements for my pans.
I am now the delighted recipient of new and beautifully finished wooden handles and knobs for my set of Prestige Pans.
I would thoroughly recommend Ian's services and products.
Thank you very much Ian


Prestige pan handles


Are you still able to supply handles. Our set is from 1988
and is made of usual 3 pans and a frying pan. Looks like they are all the same size which makes sense.

thanks for your response

Ian Harris


Yes still making the handles



I have just replaced the handles on my range of these saucepans, they were purchased from Ian. Cannot praise them enough, the saucepans will definatley out last me!! well worth purchasing & very good value for money.


Replacement Knobs Suggestion

I have bought some Le Creuset black phenolic 4.5cm knobs. They work very well. They are a narrower diameter where they meet the lids but are perfectly fine. I have found that the screws that came with the Prestige knobs (whether they be for the original Prestige wooden knobs or the black plastic Prestige knobs that came as later replacements) also fit these Le Creuset knobs. The screws that came with the Le Creuset knobs, although they work, were of a countersunk type rather than flat. The Le Creuset screws work O.K. but the original Prestige screws are a better fit on the underside of the pan lid.


Le Creuset handles fit some models

I always regretted buying these pans with wooden handles rather than plastic (over 30 years ago now). The model I have has circular profile handles. I'm sure Ian's handles are excellent quality and look nice, but when the wooden handles needed replacing I really wanted plastic handles so that I could put the pans in the dishwasher without worrying about them. I discovered that Le Creuset do a phenolic handle with almost identical dimensions. I bought a set of these handles and fitted them and they have been excellent. The only point is that when fitting them, you do need to remove a small piece of the plastic on the inside of the handle so that they fit the mounting on the pan (this bodge is hidden by the metal sleeve where the handle is fixed to the pan). Doing this requires the use of a junior hacksaw and file, so they cannot just be fitted with a screwdriver, but the final result has been very satisfactory for two years now.

The Le Creuset handles are quite expensive, at around £25 each, but if the pans are still in good condition it is worth it, as the pans are of very high quality.


Replacement Handles

I have been trying to find a replacement handle for my Prestige Lifetime Saucepan. I hope you are still making them. You can contact me on Thank you

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