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Granny's girl

Help - no cream!

Gallstones mean that I can no longer eat cream. Can you suggest alternatives, both for savoury and sweet dishes, please? In particular for a trifle - can't face Christmas with no trifle!!!"


Scaling recipes to different tins

I would love to use your madeira loaf cake recipe as the base for a large celebration cake, but I don't know how to scale the recipe up to fit a 12" cake tin. Can you advise?


What Is Delia's Weak Spot?

As Wikipedia rightly states Delia 'is an English cook and television presenter, known for teaching basic cookery skills in a no-nonsense style. She is the UK's best-selling cookery author, with more than 21 million copies sold,' and as such she must have tested thousands of recipes and cooked with all sorts of foods during her career.

But we all have a weak spot. So my question is this is there any recipe, technique, or food that Delia is nervous about. A recipe e.g. that, try as she may, she just can’t get to turn out to her own exacting standard?



Christmas is round the corner & I am making a Hamper of homemade food gifts. Is there anything I can do just now rather than leave it all to the last minute?

Alison Hayes

Ground Almonds in cakes & puddings

Hi Delia

So many lovely cakes and puddings contain ground almonds. Could you suggest a good non-nut alternative as my daughter (who LOVES cake and puddings) is allergic to nuts. Thank you


cooking and inflammatory arthropathy

Hi, Delia

Like you, I suffer from an inflammatory arthropathy.

Would you consider developing a cookery section for "maximum cooking with minimal chopping"?


Cake Recipe with No Butter & No Sugar

Hi Delia...Love your website...I'm looking for a basic cake recipe but no butter and no sugar...i use oil and honey but it keeps sinking...can you help...I'm starting to dispair..x


Kitchen skills

I started following your recipes over thirty years ago. You then assumed a level of skill in your readers. Have you noticed any decline in the skills of your readers over these years? If so, how should we as a society address this?

Shirley Sabin

Butter - salted or unsalted ?

Dear Delia, Very often recipes specify using unsalted butter when making cakes and biscuits and then include salt in the list of ingredients. I buy salted butter as we prefer the taste for table use. If I use salted butter in a recipe that specifies unsalted but leave out the listed salt from the ingredients, what effect would this have on the finished result?
We love your recipes! Shirley

Baking Mum of 3

How-convert recipe from 8" to 12"

Please help. I absolutely love your Christmas cake and now all my family do too.

How can I convert the recipe for an 8" to a 12" square tin? Also how long would it take so it still tastes gorgeous.

Thank you so much for making me a good cook for my family.



Recipe in "how to cheat" - I have been unable to purchase Very Lazy red caramelised onions, I have tried all the stores recommended and even got in touch with the makers but to no avail.



When is the best time to season dishes, before, during or after cooking?



What is your favourite food to make - ie your 'comfort food?'


Christmas cake

Hi there, if I split the Christmas Cake recipe between two four inch pans (instead of one eight inch) how will that effect the baking time? Thank you!!!!XXXXXX


Cooking flops!

Is there anything that you really struggle to cook or has taken you a long time to master?

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