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Hi everyone,
I've been a member of the site for a while, but have only just discovered the forum! I, like many others, have grown up with Delia at my side. My knowledge of cooking when I was first married was limited to replicating my mum's repertoire. Delia showed me the way, and has been a constant companion in my kitchen ever since. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better, and to continue learning from you all!


Good day from Italy

Hi, I am Rosy I am living in sunny Italy.
I knew about Delia site years ago from one of my english colleague.
I use to visit the site almost every day and I have tried some of the recipes, especially the cakes ones.
I like cooking, walking, reading (I'm an Agatha christie's fan!!!!)
So, I'm here; should you need any Italian recipes, just let me know.



I've been a bit slow to post on this topic.

I'm Kilmory aka Jo and I've been on here for about 6 years, posting from time to time. I live in Shropshire just on the Welsh border, lovely place to be. I'm 62, mainly retired but I still work as a cancer information and support specialist about 30 days/year. When I was doing the job full time I travelled to all 4 quarters of the UK, a fabulous opportunity to see our wonderful country.

I have a daughter and 2 grandsons of 5 and 3 and a great son-in-law, just wish we lived closer to each other.

I love this site and after checking emails it's the next thing I do every morning. I will be eternally grateful to Delia for all I have learned from her ever since she published Part 1 of CCC.I enjoy reading all the posts and have learned so much through them too, and it's fun trying to picture what people are like. This thread has been very good for that.

I'm programme secretary for the local U3A, love cooking, pottering in the garden, reading and socialising.

On that note, must go and complete the next quarter's U3A programme, just 9 more speakers to find!

All best to all.




I am not sure how long I have been on this site - a good few years, but have not contributed that much to the forum. I live in London, and work as and editor/writer for a children's book publisher (although they never give me cookery books to write!) I have been a vegetarian for 25 years, and that is probably what got me interested in and more creative with cooking than I might otherwise have been. (I was brought up on a meat and two veg diet in not-so-sunny Sheffield...) I spend as much time as possible at my house in northern France, region of the meaty marguerita pizza, enjoying cooking with the delights of the local markets and the fine pickings of M. Leclerc.



I'm Jan, the jam bit has nothing to do with making jam but a short version of my surname, have 'lurked' for 4 years now. Love baking, especially easy to do stuff and that goes for most of my cooking too! Have 2 Sons, eldest finishing Uni and the other hopefully starting Uni in Sept. My OH and I run a holiday park in Mid-Wales, no not caravans! brought up and married within 20miles, so have not wandered off too far! Use this site a lot when I'm poorly, which thankfully is not too often, learning to live with Cancer can be tough. Many of my 'everyday' recipes have come from DOL'ers and for that I am ever so grateful. This is a wonderful site,have tried others but return here every time.


How could I not join in

Another old-timer here and once frequent poster.

My name is Steven. I live in Limehouse in London with my partner and work in Canary Wharf in a job that takes up a lot of my time. Often leaving no time or energy for cooking.

My biggest passion is baking - although not hugely proficient. Lost the cooking mojo completely for a couple of years but am slowly growing to enjoy again and the Diamond Jubilee was the perfect excuse to start baking again.

Like many others I grew up with Delia and still return to her books again and again.

Good to see the old and new names on the boards.


Hello Janjam

Hello, Janjam

I'm sorry to hear you have secondary breast cancer, a difficult place to be, but you sound very positive.

I've looked at your profile and I'm just amazed by the number of recipes you have put on it, you've hidden your light under a bushel I would say! I'm not a pud person and so struggle with those who are, thank you so much for making yourself known, leading me to your profile and puds I could make.

All best



to JanJam

Hi, sorry to hear that you have a breast cancer; I also had a breast cancer which was removed (I hope entirely....) last year.
We have to think and be positive.
Let's keep in touch and Good Luck!


Say hello here!

I am so loving this thread! It is really good to find out more about everyone and to see so many that we never knew were there.
Jan, I have lots of your recipes in my favourites, your Ginger cake is a particular favourite. I'm sorry to hear you're not well.
Rosa, please add some lovely Italian recipes to your profile we would love to see them.x



Thanks for your kind messages, am so glad you make and enjoy some of my recipes, can't abide complicated recipes. This web site is so good, have found some brilliant recipes that are firm family favourites so grateful thanks to one and all for sharing!

Jackie Pressman

Hi Yummy

Just looked at the site - sorry, so busy here as summer has really arrived and the social scene is extraordinary. Could never forget your name and your extremely kind assistance when I couldn't find a French alternative for one of the recipes.

As you will recall, I live on the Cote d'Azur and the markets here are absolutely amazing. Visitors have seldom seen such french ripe produce - all in the ground less than a day ago so ripened in the sun which makes the flavour so extraordinarily different. All the produce still has it's flowers and roots so what could ever be fresher and therefore, of course, healthier.

One day a Caterpillar crawled out from a broccoli I was washing and I was delighted - obviously no poisonous sprays used and the vegetable was in the ground until last night. Wonderful.

So Delia's recipes I use are for the minimum of fussy preparation (most of them!) and they are always much appreciated by my husband and guests. Wonderful tips always, so thank you. Jackie Pressman


Could I help

My name is Jeannette and I live in Cornwall here in the UK, could I not send you the things you can't get over there.

"Wendy here! Roger & retired to this beautiful island 10 years ago. I joined the site about that time because I can't get all the ingredients here and wanted alternatives.

I like reading detective novels and doing crosswords. I used to like walking the two dogs (Charlie & Bonnie)but they are rather a handful now as their combined weight is equal to mine. I help in the vineyard when I can. We have four cats, Reggie, Rosa, Elsa & Nero who rule the house and have us at their beckoned call!

I love my life here! And thank you all for you help and advice over the years.

Wendy "


Thank you Jeannette

Many thanks for your kind offer. One or two lovely people on this site have offered to do the same thing but there are a couple of reasons I have had to decline their offer as I have to decline yours, too, sorry. The main reason is the post here is unreliable at best and having looked into the cost of postage & packaging it would be cost prohibitive in relation to what I would need. I have had to learn to live without certain things and use what is available to me so I have got used to it apart from one or two things.

Once again let me thank you for you very kind offer.



Hello here

Hi I am Judith from West Sussex and admit to being a lurker. There is barely a week when I do not log on as Delia is my favourite site. I am 62 and love cooking and eating but find it hard to stop! I am married for 32 years and have two children. My daughter got married 2 weeks ago.

I try really hard to only buy British and support local farmers and veg growers. My fav. recipe is Saffy's Chicken Cacciatore.

Keep on posting - great forum.

Noreen, Board Moderator

Introduce yourself here...

Anyone else want to say hi? I am sure there are a few more hiding in the corners!

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