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On Thursday November 28th between 1 and 2pm, Delia will be answering your Christmas questions in a live online chat. Ask your question here, only one per member and don't forget to join us on the day.


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Christmas cake

Hi Delia,
I have been making your Christmas cake for many years now with great success, but last year the cake was
very crumbly, not moist. I cooked in
fan oven at 140 for less than the 4
hours stated. Why has this happened?



Hello Delia

The first time you made a christmas dinner was it a success?

This year is my for 10!!! Bit nervous but quietly confident as long as I don't get distracted! Ermmm...easier said. Anyway, I've decided on Goose and beef. Cooked both before successfully. Only worry is getting everything cooked and hot at the same time. Any advice?



Christmas Cake

I have been making Delia's traditional Christmas cake for years! in Caracas, Venezuela at 1500 metres above sea level. The mixture always curdles whatever I do, I have stood there for hours trickling in the beaten eggs but no luck. The cake always turns out well but a little dry although I think that is my oven and my fault, this year I shall cook it for the minimum time and just take it out! Eggs at room temperature by the way, maybe I should beat the butter to death first and then add the sugar?

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