Spider invasion

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I used to hate them when I was young, my sister was terrified and I think I just tagged along as well. Nowadays they don't bother me as much, as long as they stay where they should be!

Once I had one fall on me when I was in bed and I had to call friends to see if I could stay with them - bit dramatic, but it scared the life out of me.

Esther R

Spider invastion

I don't think you are dramatic Noreen, I have been known to go out for the day rather than spend it with a spider. I have been looking for conker trees and my husband noticed one when he was at cricket yesterday so he has collected a bag of conkers. It might be an old wives tale but it is the only defence I have got against this coming invasion!


Spider Invasion

I agree with lots of posts which berate the killings of spiders, which is why we prefer to not let them in in the first place and use the spray.

I, personally do not have a fear of them and can pick them up if one does invade, however, my husband suffers from VERY severe allergic reactions to them causing swellings and huge blisters about 4-5 inches across. In fact when we first arrived and had to get an emergency appointment with the Dr. so for us prevention is better than a cure.


Spider invasion

Whilst I don't like to kill them, I don't like having them build webs all over the house either. You clean, then suddenly these great grey streamers are dangling from every un-accessible area in the house.

I have one of those centralised vacuum systems and I sorry to say that every one I find goes to live with their mates in the vacuum bin in the garage, along with the wasps, mosquitoes and the flies that have not been caught by the fly-paper. (Now THERE'S an evil invention.) Anyway, they have plenty to eat until I empty the system.

And I hate those big ones in the garden whose webs, if you get caught by one, seem to be made of steel. YUCK!

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