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You're not wrong there

Eeeyooo! Thanks so much for finding the picture Yummy but they're not really very pretty are they?"

But the taste makes up for that Chazza!


Tomato Tamarind Toast

We've recently had builders, nieces and nephews and a lot of half ripe tomatoes around. The builders wanted HP sauce. I'd been pretty snobby about it until now but shame on me, what an interesting product. So I've come up with this for the youth to make.

It's on my recipes.

Tomato Tamarind Toast

1 responsible adult to supervise
Slices of bread
HP sauce
Half ripe tomatoes
Grated cheese, your choice but not mozzarella or other 'wet' cheeses.
Herbs, e.g. basil, thyme or oregano - fresh if available.

Put enough butter to cover all the slices of bread in a small bowl and add about one fifth by volume of HP sauce. Mix well.

Toast the bread well on one side only then put it toast side down on a grid to let the steam escape.

When cool enough to handle, spread the butter mixture on the uncooked side of the bread, put it back on the grid and let the butter soak in. At this point you can freeze the bread for emergency feeding situations …

Slice the tomatoes. Layer them onto the bread. Sprinkle with a small amount of torn fresh herbs or an even smaller amount of dried herbs then cover with a thin layer of grated cheese. Place this under the grill and toast until the cheese starts to brown.

Use the responsible adult to place the very hot slices on a grid until they cool to hand heat.

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