Foods you will not eat.

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Foods you will not eat

I was an extremely fussy child... so many things I didn't like... cheese, tomatoes, fish, pasta, gravy, bananas, and soup of any flavour. The dinner tables was a battle of wills. However, all the things I disliked as a child I now love, including brussel sprouts. There really isn't anything I wouldn't eat (I might struggle with tripe though). I prefer not to eat bananas. And the only thing I will not have, under any circumstances, is I can't abide tea. It must be like drinking a cup of rusty nails... and no, I've never had nails either. I hate the smell of tea... smells like iron. Disgusting stuff.

H x

Sue G

Foods you will not eat

For me it is banana, i buy them for the kids but have to go to another room while they eat them or they take them to school to eat at breaktime.

Artichoke & Asparagus, i have cooked them, never eaten them due to the smell.

Like others there are loads of food i would never cook for myself as i am not to keen but will eat them to be polite when invited out.


What I won't eat

Any thing that came out of a shell (except eggs ) . Most other things I will try even if only a taste.


Foods you will not eat.

Anything remotely like those disgusting things on the jungle programme! I ordered a pizza once in Naples but to my horror it came with artichokes - yuk! And I can't face slimy raw egg.

Essex Girl


I can't stand the smell of honey but will eat it when disguised in sauces, never just trickled over bread, porridge, etc.

Dottie May

Foods you will not eat

Cheese, apart from Brie. Tripe, Runny Eggs, Artichokes, Asparagus,a Glass of Milk, Marrow, Garlic Spanish/Italian/German meats or sausages, Tuna, Tapioca. That's about all I can think of at the moment.

queen jean

foods il not eat

whites of egg ,cant eat those at all whether its a boiled egg or fried i have to leave it ,my son cannot stand the sight of or smell of onions ,its a nightmare trying to buy foods without onions in ,and i dont like liver but o/h does .love anything made of cake

Gravy Queen

Foods you will not eat.

Liver. Ugh. I dont even cook it, my husband loves it so I get him a ready meal (shock horror) of liver bacon and mash and he loves it.

I cooked oxtail once,never again, the amount of fat that came off it made me heave.

sam from worthing

food you will not eat...

my OH does not like anything in tomatoey type sauce served with mashed potatoe, but would eat it with new tatties.

I am trying and failing to like chickpeas - but i can't.

we are both trying to like real olives, i mean other than in oil form - but we can't - i am trying to find the lovely BIG black olives that they had in a couple of restaurants in lanzarote, they were gorgeous - or was it because we had a real salt craving and would eat anything salty?

my OH is trying to get over his hatred of seafood other than fish coated in batter or fish fingers/fishcakes..... a loosing battle.

I couldn;t eat jellied eels or tripe or pigs trotters, or heart, or head.

I hate pork pies with the inclusion of the jelly.

I can not eat chocolate and orange as it gives me migraine - can't eat christmas chocolates followed by a satsuma for example.

to eat a raw banana is a real no no - they look to much like cats bum's, but i can eat a banana yoghurt or banana bread.

I can not eat spam.

I can eat hellmans mayo - i find it very claggy.

I can not eat rice pudding - but in fairness not eaten since childhood - may like one that i make - OH is itching for me to make one.

ermmmmmmmmmm, think thats about it.

I would love not to be able to love and enjoy cheese.

Oh i couldn't eat a real proper traditional fully blown scottish haggis - but i love the "ready made" ones that marks and sainsburys sell.

but if i was starving hungry i could eat a horse lol ;)



Oh dear Sam you are worse than James .-:))))))


Foods you won't eat

To my surprise, I am having trouble thinking of anything I won't eat.

Tripe isn't my favourite - it's always been a little too chewy for me - but I can tolerate it. Oysters and mussels I have to be really careful with, due to what seems to be a developing sensitivity...but I love them with a passion!

I will happily eat most offal, including heart - although don't like to cook it myself (too many tubes!)

I suppose about the only foods I tend to draw the line at are processed foods. I really prefer to avoid them totally and avoid restaurants where I know pre-packed or processed foods are brought in. I also prefer to eat minimal cold cuts etc due to the salt content and smoked preservatives.

That's about the extent of my dislikes!

Liz from Cumbria

My will not eat....

is bananas - in any way shape or form, I literally heave at the smell of them, and I can detect banana at 100 paces. There are a couple of things I'm not fond of, boiled brussels sprouts but love them stir fried with bacon lardons or roasted and I'm not overly-fond of tripe either but could eat it. I don't like very sweet things and I'll usually pass on dessert but will partake happily of a cheeseboard. I'll happily eat anything my host/ess puts on for dinner with the exception of the dread bananas.

Noreen, Board Moderator

Foods I won't eat...

Anything with a bone in it unless it is a fish

Fat on meat

Smelly cheese that goes up to the roof of your mouth - bleurgh

Any offal

Snotty fried or boiled eggs

Slimy mushrooms

Blood oranges (purely on the basis of the name)

Small list....?

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