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bethany davies

re question for delia

its not a question , but wanted to say thanks , have most of her books, shes the gran that taught me how to cook that i never had lol , and just to say thanks

Snake Charmer

Scrambled Eggs

I remember watching Delia on TV when she cooked ( in her opinion ) the perfect fried egg. Although my wife would not agree because she likes rubber eggs, I was 100% in agreement with Delia. Hot fat, Crispy bottom, Lots of extra flavour. My question is.... Does Delia agree with my ideal scrambled eggs? I like to brown the bottom of the egg mix in the pan before scrambling, thus also adding more flavour to the eggs and a little colour. I also like to add some very finely grated onion. And I never, never cook scrambled eggs in a microwave. Fundamental stuff, but very important if you like eggs.

Thanks for everything you do.



freshness of eggs

My husband always tells me that eggs are still OK to use & eat even after their "use-by" date. I don't agree, and like to use them up as soon as possible, even if it means having to throw some away if they are past their "use-by" date. What's your opinion?


looking back over the years?

Delia you have had a fantastic career, is there anything [looking back] you would change?


do you Delia ,

over the years of a fantasic career, have any regrets that you did not do this or did not do that cos to me you seem to have done it all !!!

Bill Girdwood

Norwich Delight!

Chris Hughton is a thoroughly good guy and an excellent manager.

Could Delia originate a specific dish for him, acknowledging his West Indian heritage,perhaps?


Delia question

Hi, my step daughter has coeliac disease, when ever I cook things like Yorkshire puddings, toad in the hold, onion rings etc with glutan free flour things never rise and always taste very bland and chewy, no matter how much seasoning I use.

Can you recommend anything to make things more like normal for people with coeliac disease?


Easy recipe

I'm a rubbish cook - what can you suggest I attempt to impress my family? Must be easy!


Veggie Menu

I'm a Vegetrian, allergic to peppers. Please, do you have any good veggie recipes that are quick, balanced, filling, low fat/salt, and will freeze and reheat?

I'm tired of roasted veg, soups, curry and risotto - I want something new to excite me!

Thank you so much. :o)

Quilting Annie


Is there a way of using fresh garlic without it smelling strongly.

I have a partner who reckons he hates garlic. I've used it on numerous occasions when he isn't there, and has never detected it in my cooking.


Delia's Answers

As a Type 2 Diabetic/overweight too but who adores your recipes I join all the others in asking for more help. Generally, can I use Flora Light or Benecol Light instead of Butter and any suggestions in reducing the sugar content would be gratefully received. I am bored with only cooking for everyone else and not being able to enjoy the food myself especially when it seems to be so excellent!


Paradice slices

Hi Delia,Please Please how do you make Paradice slices,my friend in the U.S.A and I want to know Thank you Roger,Soham Ely. Cambs

Daisy Mae

Difference between brown sugars

What is the difference between the numerous varieties of brown sugars available? Are they inter-changeable in recipes?

Nicole Sutherland

recipe for a leek gratin please

Delia, I would like a recipe for a leek gratin please, I have been buying a ready made one from Waitrose but would like to make one myself, can you help please?


Flan cases

Delia many years ago at school, I was taught how to make a pastry flan case where you put all the ingredients into a bowl and mixed, the pastry didn't need rolling out just molded into the shape of the flan tin. After five minutes in the oven it had to be taken out and the base flattened with a cold spoon as it had risen in the middle, then put back in the oven till cooked. I cant find the recipe anywhere and just wondered if you had ever come across such a recipe?

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