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queen jean

hi all

my name is jean (queen jean) i havent posted in a long time but been busy sorting a lot of things out ,wont bore you with it all ,but i ive been keeping eye on what everyone is doing and saying most days ,and what a smashing bunch of pals they are too.well i live in chesterfield 2 grown up kids and a smashing grandaughter age 10 , oh and hubby that has lots of racing pigeons up on his allotment.ive got an aunt that lives in mountain ash south wales ,im into making cakes for family and learning to ice them but im not that good yet ,but i do find it relaxing ,bye for now x

Liz from Cumbria


Surprisingly enough ;o) my name is Liz and I live in West Cumbria, on the coast, about 20 miles from Keswick. I've been a DOL member for about 6 or 7 years (I think). I've only met James in person; he's a honey but I really enjoy my DOL cyber friends. Apart from the cooking (obviously) most of us have an awful lot in common with our other interests. DOL is my first port of call when I need ideas or to check something - and I really need to check how much rice I need for two of us again! Twice, recently, I've made far more than I need although it hasn't been wasted. I'm 64, retired and have been married to Les for 13 years although we've been together for 30 (had to make sure we were suited to each other didn't we?)



Thats right - Mr Pastry - I couldn't think of his name for the life of me :)


A newby and just saying hello

Hi all, I live in Herefordshire a gorgeous county and re-married 3 years' ago at the age of 71 a church wedding with grandchildren as bridesmaids and the reception held locally - had a super day. Lost my previous husband in 2005 to cancer and Bob my new hubby lost his wife likewise in the same year. He came from West Yorkshire and we met via a dating agency - but didn't tell the kids for ages as I was a bit ashamed at delving into such sites. I'm dieting at the mo and always looking for "healthy" recipes which taste good and not dreadfully bland. Lost just over a stone so not doing too badly and want to lose another 7 pound. Nice to say hello.


hello everyone

Hi. I'm Carol from Yorkshire. Vegetarian,husband and most other close family members need a gluten free diet so cooking needs a bit of thought. I cook and sell gluten free foods at a local market and am always on the lookout for recipes I can adapt from gluten rich to gluten free. Have used Delia recipes for many years because they work! Simple as that.

Suzanne Cross


I'm Suzanne and I'm another member living in Brittany. We retired here two years ago having bought our house three years earlier. We love the lifestyle and being able to socialise with our French and English friends. We have a favourite restaurant about 20 minutes away and also love discussing with our butcher what I'm going to do with the meat I've just bought! Deliaonline is a great source of recipes when you just don't know what to cook for any occasion. Bon appetit!



Hello Newby! Can sort of match you - I'm nearly 70, remarried 5 years ago, after losing my first husband (so clumsy of me!)to cancer. Alan and I wed in the local church with all the bells and whistles and had an afternoon tea and champagne reception in the village hall
I had my first dip into Delia with the paperback version of 'How to Cheat at Cooking'in 1960-something or other and haven't stopped buying the books since.
Across the range hobbies are aviation research, handicrafts of all kinds, cooking, driving, reading and the WI.
Since acquiring an intolerance to wheat, I've been inventing the edible alternatives as some of the stuff on the open market is quite disgusting! Great site!

world traveller

World Traveller

"I thought I would start this thread for everyone, old and new to the site to say hello. Whether you post regularly or are a lurker (in fact, especially if you are a lurker) tell us who you are.

"My name is Anne and I come from the West of Ireland. I now live in Dublin and love to try South East Asian recipes, as I have spent many summers in Singapore where I learned a lot of local cookery from my lovely Singapore mother in law, especially Chilli crab, leaf dumplings, curry puffs etc.
I have 4 grown up children and have loved cooking since my teens. Growing up in the West of Ireland & living near the sea i was used to eating all sorts of sea food especially lobster as my Dad was an expert fisherman. Also living on a farm we had fresh homegrown food, homemade butter, bread etc. I didn't know then how lucky I was.
I have been following this site for a few years now and have tried lots of recipes with great success, but have never ventured into the discussion forums until now!

Bridget Prentice


I'm Bridget and I don't usually do blogs etc. But I so love this site that I needed to say Hi. I love cooking and am even conidering a career move to do more of it so keep up the good work and continue to inspire.


How Lovely to see Newbies

It is so nice to see new posters coming on to the forum, and they seem to have such interesting ideas have we done without you guys for so long ???

Welcome All, Look forward to seeing more of you.


Say hello...

Keep meaning to "Say hello" but keep forgetting to do it !

Spookily enough I am Sandra - serious lack of imagination obviously. Married, one adult son and if you ask my age I will lie so we won't go there.

Have cooked since I could kneel on a stool and "help". Any knowledge I may have pretty sure is through osmosis !

Have been a member for a few years and love this site for many reasons. Apart from the obvious friendliness it is a vast source of the most eclectic "know how"


I agree Yummy.

When I put something on here, I tend to forget that there may be some people who prefer to read, but don't contribute very often. That's absolutely fine by me (we're not all chatterboxes like me!). But it's lovely that you have come on and let us know that you are there! We are a bigger family that we realise! We do love newbies, although a lot of you may have been out there longer than me and not newbies to the site at all!

It would be great if Nor's thread has encouraged some of you to chat a bit more on here.

H x

Essex Girl


I hope they will because it's nice to chat as well as ask questions.


Say hello here!

I'm feeling guilty for not adding to this thread yet. I've been around here for quite a few years and love the site having been a Delia fan since the seventies. I live just south of Leeds, married with a son and twin daughters, and a nearly two year old grandson whom I adore and look after two days a week.
Honey, who said you talk too much? We missed you when you took a sabbatical so please don't disappear again!
James, re widowed mothers - my dad died when he & my mother were early fifties but there was no way she'd have considered another relationship. I guess it's not for everyone. But loads out there for all to do. Since I retired I've taken courses in Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Photoshop. I joined a gym, belong to a book group, a lunch group, and spend a lot of time in our large garden.
Great to read about all the new folk on here so, as others have said, please join us!


Harvey in Q8

My name is Harvey and I work in Kuwait. I joined AA because....

No...:) Joking aside, great idea for a thread!
I have been a Delia groupie since whenever as she is so damn sensible without ever being boring. In fact I can say that whenever I have referred to her recipes I have never failed; this is something! My wife (Egyptian) and I are happy passionate cooks - sometimes fighting over kitchen space, but never badly.
Our cuisine has evolved to a Mid-Mediterranean as it were; Britain meets Egypt and we are somewhere in the middle coming up to our silver wedding anniversary.
For some years I was a food photographer, in fact photography introduced me to cooking and my high-point in one way was us cooking for our local rugby team and Royal Navy when the RN visited Kuwait, so food for 100+.
I am a Creative Director/Editor/Event Manager at a Cultural Centre. My better half still in advertising.
Hobbies outside culinary art; Classical music appreciation, especially opera, Rugby, reading, travel.. travel not tourism, military modelling, growing heirloom tomatoes in spite of the Kuwait fire!

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