What do you look forward to eating when you are abroad?

If you've discovered a wonderful eaterie in the foothills of the Himalayas or want to know the hip place to eat during your forthcoming trip to Cape Town, here's the place to post!


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Biggles !

Thanks RP :0)

"Biggs, I think you are refering to Geschnetzltes. (the Zuricher Art, means zurich style) It is traditionally made with veal, thinly sliced, mushrooms and kidneys but in most of the restaurants here they are served without the kidneys. Its very easy to make too. My OH calls it my "heart attack" food as he needs to watch his cholestrol a bit. Served of course with a delicious crispy r&"246;sti to soak up all the juices. Yummy!

I only ever saw it as 'Zuricher Art' RP but I'm off on a hunt for the recipe of Geschnetzltes. Have you got a recipe, pretty please ?

Biggles !

Is that you Nil?

"Please people, when you come to Turkey on holiday try the real local foods in a lokanta! How sad it is that people look for English breakfast, sunday roasts etc.. where is your sense of adventure? You come thousands of miles and look for English foods!!! Turkish food is wonderful and healthier for you as well. Real lokantas do not sell alcohol but you can drink somewhere else after your lovely meal - and they are usually a lot cheaper than the 'tourist traps'. Try it, enjoy and you will come again."

Hello to you if you are or are not Nil :0)

I adore Turkish food, and the country. One of our most memorable meals was in a tiny village which boasted 2 eating establishments. We were on a sailing holiday and dropped anchor in the small bay, it was mid April and a bit before the 'season'. We were 8 in our party, and the meal that was produced for us was just the best. We suspect that many of the dishes were in reality meant for the villagers, themselves. There was a fair bit of delay between dishes arriving and a wonderful variety. We spent many happy hours chatting with our hosts and complimenting the food. Amazingly and fortunately, there was not a chip in site. Got nothing against chips but don't like them served with every meal. Our extremely hospitable hosts also gave all 8 of us a lift back to our yacht on one of their fishing boats and towed our dinghy for us.

It was on that same trip that a fishing boat sold us a huge amount of fish, just caught, at a very reasonable price. Great fun learning the local names and how best to cook, each of the different species. Fortunately, we had friends on board who don't mind scaling, gutting and cooking fish :0)

I, for one don't go on holiday and look for English food. Unfortunately, many seem too.


well done

well done Biggles, I do like to hear about people who go abroad and try the local food and no, I am not Nil. I have lived in Turkey for 12 years and do get a bit upset when people ask for English foods when there is so much glorious food on offer here. Yes, they do give chips with a lot of things but also rice and salad, and cold chips and aubergine with yogurt is a Turkish dish. I wish you many delicious meals on your holidays.

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