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central vac.

It's certainly here, in Oz, but not common. But I remember a couple we knew, who were building, putting it in back in 1993!! Before that I thought it was a very futuristic idea!!

Expat Badger

central vac

very normal here on newer houses - ours was built in 2003

i live in quite a new community and all the houses have them as standard i think

Nausea Bagwash


We have a bagless Vax upright which is quite efficient but incredible noisy.

I find with a bagless that you need to empty it after ever use as the more the container fills up the less efficient the vacuum is. Perhaps this is what Mr Dyson means.

Nausea Bagwash


"I've always thought an in-built vacuum system was very posh!! or at least very expensive!!
Maybe more people are putting them in now? Are they common in UK or Canada?"
Back in the 1960s I had friends who lived in an art nouveau appartment block in Vienna which had a central vacuum system for all the flats. Don't suppose it dated from when the building was new but it certainly goes back almost 50 years. I don't think it's ever been much of a thing in the UK though - far too sensible an idea!

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